Caring Guide


    Handle with care: porcelain vases hold water well, but not forever. To avoid watermarks on furniture or other surfaces we recommend placing a saucer or coaster underneath the vase.

    Scratching and staining: always place any porcelain item onto delicate surfaces with great care. When moving them from one spot to another, lift them, don’t pull or push them. This will avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

    We prefer to encourage the use of hand washing, clean with a light touch to remove dirt and dust, apply a wet cloth with light pressure. If a cleaning liquid is used, make sure it is non-abrasive or corrosive bleach based.

    • SILK

    Silk is rightly called the queen of textiles for its lustre, royal appeal, luxury, comfort, elegance, sensuousness and glamor. Silk's natural beauty and properties of comfort in warm weather and retention of warmth during winters have made it a sought-after fibre for high-fashion clothing.

    The natural fibers in silk have excellent properties that will prolong the time you can wear it without washing - silk is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial.

    Our garments are made to the highest possible standards. We are proud to produce the collection in China, which is traditionally the world centre for silk prouduction and the start of the silk road. Our garments undertake a massive quality control inspection, with each piece being checked for over 60 different measurements and potential issues. As our garments are often dyed using vivid colours, all of our silks have been tested for colour fastness to ensure the colour will not bleed.

    All of our garments are designed in our studio in Paris. 

    We recommend always hand washing in cool water - this will preserve the life of the garment and the saturation of its colour.

    Hang your silks to air dry and never put in the tumble dryer. 

    Iron on the reverse side of your garment. If you need to iron directly on the front, place a cotton cloth over the area to protect the silk.

    • COTTON

    Our cotton Pyjama is crafted from a high quality cotton from Shandong region. Cotton's breathable nature allows air to circulate around the skin, providing a better night's sleep. It doesn't cling to the skin and is soft to the touch and lightweight.

    You probably don't need to wash your cotton as much as you think you do. Try spot cleaning them where needed and then airing them - cotton is a beautifully breathable, natural fibre and so managing your pieces in this way will prolong the time you can go between washes. Of course, it's also much better for the planet!

    We recommend hand or machine washing in 30C degree water with a specialist detergent.

    Iron on a cool setting if needed.

    • LINEN

    Linens look best when pressed and starched before use.
    Avoid storing linen in a cedar chest or plastic bag. This may cause yellowing or discoloration. Keep rolled up in a cardboard tube, or cotton pillowcase, store in a cool and dry location.